South Africa as a leader in the global response to HIV/AIDS


Professor Olive Shisana in her interview with Lotus FM stated that she is excited about women taking action with regards to preventing new infections by the use of vaginal ring in addition to condoms.

This year’s conference theme (Access Equity Rights Now) aims to unite as many people as possible to ensure that everyone has equal access to treatment as 60% of South Africans do not have access and are not on treatment.

The conference that was held in July 2000 was key in opening dialogues and debates as South Africans were in denial about whether HIV causes Aids. The conferences help to highlight the importance of treatment as no treatment was made widely available prior to the conference that was held in the year 2000.

Professor Shisana further stated that a State owned pharmaceutical company is long overdue in South Africa as imports of medicines to reduce HIV are costly. Approximately 6.4 million people are living with HIV in South Africa therefore production of medicines in South Africa would prove to be cost efficient.