Our Work

Projects of Note:

We provide our clients with technical expertise including evaluations, assessment, review of methodologies, and strategic recommendations. We assist with research providing leadership, methodologies, reviews and guidance. Below are a few of our projects representing the type of work we do to support our clients.

Project: HIV infection in young people.

Client: Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

We were tasked to provide technical expertise regarding Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) prevention and treatment among young people and suggested possible community based research on enablers and barriers to successful implementation of programmes. We provided educational resources to support this initiative.

Project : Telehealth Evaluation

Client: Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

We were tasked with the evaluation of the use of Telehealth in the prevention of HIV. We presented a case for use of telehealth services

Project: Technical support to strengthen research capacity

Client: Higher Education AIDS Programme

We are tasked to provide technical support aimed at strengthening the research capacity of the organization in the area of HIV/AIDS. This is done specifically for Universities, Technical , Vocational Education and Training Centers.

Project: Evaluation of proposals to establish Centers for Excellence in Health, Education and Food Security

Client:The Inter-University Council for East Africa and the World Bank.

Working with the Eastern and Southern Africa Higher Education Center for Excellence (ACE II), we conducted an evaluation of proposals to establish Centers for Excellence in Health, Education and Food Security. Through our evaluation we were able to provide strategic guidance.

Project: Community Survey 2016 Assessment

Client:Statistics South Africa

We were tasked with providing an in depth assessment of the reliability and validity of the 2016 Community Survey.  We provided technical review of the methodology used to conduct the survey and an evaluation of the data obtained. The final report included the evaluation of the data to determine if it was fit for its purpose.



Dr Shisana has undertaken public health research in the areas of substance abuse, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, national health insurance, gender and poverty in one of the following places: United States, SADC countries, Sub-Saharan Africa and global work through BRICS. Some of the projects are listed below:

Shisana, O. Low Birthweight Attributable to Smoking and Alcohol Consumption in the District of Columbia 1989, D.C. Government Statistical Note:90, January 1991.

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Shisana, O., Hall E, Maluleke RK, et al. Impact of HIV/AIDS on the South African Health Sector: National Survey of Health Personnel, Ambulatory and Hospitalised Patients, and Health Facilities 2002 (2003), Department of Health, (ISBN 1-875017-85-2).


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A selected list of publications shows that the knowledge Dr Shisana produced was disseminated internationally:


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